Chemnitz – firing of Domestic Security chief shows how influential the extreme left is

Translated from a Dutch article by Wolter Berends for Novini


So-called centrist politicians in Germany are working together with left-wing extremists in increasing openness. The matter of the allged ‘hunts’ [for immigrants] in Chemnitz and the firing of Hans-Georg Maaßen (former chief of the Domestic Security agency) form a good example of this.

In order to put the recent political developments in the right perspective, let’s go back to where they started: an anonymous left-wing extremist individual or group posts a fragment of a video online and deceitfully declares this as evidence that native Germans were ‘hunting’ immigrants in Chemnitz. Chancellor Merkel adopts the incorrect interpretation and spreads it globally, damaging the reputation of Germany.

When the head of the Domestic Security Agency contradicts the wrongful claim of the far left, the coalition government descends into a crisis. Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) cannot prevent the resignation of Hans-Georg Maaßen at the insistence of SPD and CDU. Maaßen is offered a position in Seehofer’s department in exchange, which illustrates how deep the conflict within the coalition ran.

The ordeal illustrates clearly how influential the extreme left is, even in the highest echelons of government. This did not happen overnight; it started decades ago. The veil is lifted from yet another peak in the progressing decay of the democratic spectrum. As the CDU has been moving further and further to the left, a vacuum has emerged in the center-right, while the influence of the far left now covers the entire political middle.

In the early days of the Federal Republic the political center armored itself against both nazi nostalgia and the temptations of communism. It was what they used to call an “anti-totalitarian consensus of all democrats”. But in the early 1970’s that consensus started to erode on the left. The SPD youth organization and the Greens were the first to unabashedly cooperate with left-wing extremists.

By now, the consensus has eroded to the point that even a leader of the CDU turns Antifa’s fake news into government policy.

At the same time, the supposed political middle continues to accuse AfD of not distancing itself enough from the far right, all while ignoring or condoning the far left intimidation of AfD politicians whose houses are being vandalized and cars are being torched, among other things. The political and media establishment is not only failing to stay out of the far left witch hunt, they are eagerly participating in the hysterical (eerily reminiscent of DDR propaganda) ‘anti-fascism’ against the democratic right-wing opposition.



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