Corona virus: ‘lockdown is inevitable, and necessary’

We are dealing with a society where individuals (by and large) refuse to do their duty for their family, sneer at loyalty to their employer, and do not want to do anything for their country.

We have a society that is infantile, does not take responsibility, looks for the government for their wants and needs and instruction on what to do next. We’re a society of children, looking at the nanny state to keep us safe and the daddy state to punish us for not kowtowing.

Are you surprised that we end up in a situation where they shut down our lives and give us alms?

It is predictable and (sadly) necessary, because there are not enough people with a sense of duty who understand that it’s not all about them and that we have a collective duty, in times of trouble, to pull together and look out for each other. This is not some version of socialism I’m talking about. This is what society is meant to be; a community.

G.J. Hagenaars

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