Danish Social Democrats: “Whoops, turns out we were wrong about mass immigration”

The Danish Social Democrat party (Socialdemokratiet) have recently gotten a sudden shot of common sense: they are now admitting they were wrong on mass immigration, integration and multiculturalism. They now support protecting Demark’s national identity, they are seeing that a lot of second and third generation immigrants are not loyal to their host countries and that the welfare state is suffering rather than getting stronger. And they are admitting that they should not have condemned their former supporters as ‘racists’ for not agreeing with the party line on those issues.

It looks like some policy changes are actually being made, like setting a limit (30%) to the percentage of Muslims allowed to settle in lower class neighborhoods to prevent total takeover. But they are also showing that their 180-degree turn on the subject is unsurprisingly limited in terms of partisan politics: Henrik Sass Larsen, the party chair in Danish national parliament said in an interview with Dutch TV that he feels “By ignoring the problem, we gave birth to the [right-wing] Danish People’s Party.”

Danish socialists are like a bus driver who was driving straight towards a wall, then kicked the people warning him about the wall off the bus. Then as he crashes into the wall, he maintains that – should we survive – we should totally keep riding his bus, and not the bus of the people who saw the wall miles earlier.


“Oh, and we’re not going to apologize to the people who saw the wall before we hit it, and whom we’ve slandered for warning us about it. They’re still dead to us, and if you go on their bus now, you’re evil incarnate and we want nothing to do with you anymore. Because even though they were right about the wall, they are wrong for knowing the wall would be a problem before hitting it.”

I have no doubt more left-wing parties will follow in the coming years, as the mess created by their naiveté is universal and inevitable. These people were wrong about the biggest issue our civilization is facing at the moment, and they have slandered and attacked the people who were right. And the Danish Social Democrats are now admitting that they were wrong while others were right. But expect no apology to, or rehabilitation of, any of the people who were branded fascists, nazi’s or racists in the past for asserting that multiculturalism and mass immigration are bad ideas.

The reasoning is something along the line of: we’re sorry for calling the voters who have abandoned us ‘racists’. But we are not sorry for calling our political rivals ‘racists’ and we will very probably not stop doing so, because they are total racists, even if they were exactly right all along about these issues which we are only now starting to figure out.

And that’s not even mentioning that those who survive the Wall Of Multiculturalism and who take the same socialist bus again will just be driven into the Wall Of Globalism or the Wall Of Unsurmountable Debt instead.

Generic version of the meme as a bonus:

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