Data shows NYT suddenly started pushing popular ‘social justice’ buzzwords

Alex Tabarrok for Foundation for Economic Education (FEE):

Many trends develop over decades but I’ve never seen change so rapid as the breathtaking success of what one might call social justice concerns. Beginning around 2010-2014 there appears to have been an inflection point.

A Visual Demonstration of How Fast the NYT Got Woke

The graphs shared by Tabarrok show the mentioned trend for words and phrases like:

  • ‘social justice’
  • ‘diversity and inclusion’
  • whiteness
  • ‘toxic masculinity’
  • ‘white privilege’
  • ‘micro aggressions’
  • ‘safe space’
  • ‘hate speech’
  • hateful
  • queer
  • ‘non binary’

And many more.

David Rizardo has a page that offers the opportunity to graph your own trends the use of words of your own choosing here.

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