Democracy is alive and well! JK – it’s non-existent

While the American right fondly speculates about the existence of a Deep State protecting the interests of the establishment against outsiders, in Germany the Deep State is in charge and quite open about its activities: its secret service is investigating the right-wing AfD party to determine whether the movement should be placed under ‘supervision’. Dutch media report that “not much will change. AfD was already being watched, this will only be done more systematically.”

The German state is watching AfD to see whether they have ‘extremist’ ambitions, and how the party will develop now that it is gaining popularity. AfD leader Alice Weidel feels vindicated: “They have been investigating for months and found nothing that justifies further action.”

There is no free choice in Western democracies. There is no level playing field. There is limited room for dissent, but when it becomes too big, everything possible will be done to quench it. Movements will be demonized, paralyzed and if all else fails, simply banned for disagreeing with the establishment.

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