Destroying the norm 2: #Takeaknee

You don’t have to like or respect the anthem. To be honest, the Dutch national anthem is an embarrassment, praising just about every nationality you can imagine except our own. It’s more of a tribute to our royal family than our nation and I happen to hate that we have a royal family. So no, I don’t like our national anthem. But with the “#TakeAKnee” protest the left is making their not liking something into a spectacle. Then again, that’s what they always do. Leftists can never just not like something; they will always try to ban it or shout down anyone daring to like what they don’t.

The NFL players, and particularly the full teams (Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys and almost all of the Pittsburgh Steelers) taking a knee during or right before the national anthem are deliberately linking the American anthem, and by extension, America itself, to racism and oppression. Hollywood has jumped on board (who would have thought Hollywood would side against America in the culture war(!)?) and different NFL sponsors have also decided that the cause of opposing Trump is more noble and worthy of defense than, say, commemorating the victims of 9/11 or breast cancer awareness.

My prediction is this will not end before the national anthem is no longer performed before games. And that is the goal for cultural Marxists. It would be yet another thing that binds a majority of the population, another norm, destroyed. This is not about a flag, or an anthem. And honestly, firing these players or forbidding them to protest is not the answer. If you don’t like these protests, then stop supporting the teams that engage in them.

They are picking apart the fabric of our culture and it will not stop if we ban it or punish people for it. It will only stop if the culture of political correctness and what passes for progressivism these days ends. It will end if we stop losing our minds over every provocation from the left and start focusing on the people who stand for what’s right and who, whether they know it or not, make all the differences in the culture war. Let’s ditch the provocateurs and celebrate the heroes.

Isn’t it funny by the way, how Villanueva (whose gear has been the top seller since this weekend) was made to apologize (sorry, but that apology has force written all over it) for not being unified with the rest of the team, but not Lesean McCoy?

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