Destroying the norm 3: governments discriminating against whites

Sussex police in the UK are having a recruitment session for people “with protected characteristics (BME, LGBT, female, disability)” only. After the predictable backlash, a spokesperson explained on Twitter that all applicants would go through the same process and would have to “obtain the required pass marks”, dismissing complaints of discrimination from other Twitter users. Nevertheless, we all know how the same situation would pan out for a company (or government agency no less!) specifically targeting straight white males for recruitment.

Are these disabled non-white lesbians, who are all apparently perfectly fit for the job, simply not motivated enough to apply for a job, prompting this “recruitment session”? If so, would an equally suitable, but more motivated straight white male not be the better pick anyway? So why bother with this discriminatory recruitment practice?

Similar policies have long been justified as wanting staff make-up to be a reflection of societal demographics, but the end result is still that certain groups of people get preferential treatment above others based on those group characteristics only, rather than personal merits and capabilities. While we as citizens, and those who ultimately pay the bill, might want the best people for the job to protect us from criminals, the establishment deems diversity more important than our safety.

It’s nice of the Sussex police though, to admit that race, gender or sexuality are only “protected characteristics” when they are not white, male or straight. The implication being that it is OK to discriminate against straight white males – a provision which, to my knowledge, is not part of any actual legislation, but is nevertheless increasingly exploited by the left.

In May this year, the Amsterdam police force in The Netherlands tried recruiting specifically for the cryptically coined, but still pretty obviously anti-white, “candidates with a different background”, but was forced to drop that specification after complaints. Which didn’t stop Amsterdam’s local government from doing it again last October, by offering a chance to accompany government officials to immigrants only.

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