Dictionary.com: ‘conservatism and libertarianism = racism’

The dictionary.com entry for “don’t tread on me” betrays a not-so-subtle political slant:

Don’t tread on me is a historic expression of American patriotism and freedom.

In the 20th century, libertarian and conservative politicians like to use the phrase, making it seem racist and offensive.

Why is a dictionary contributing to this widespread, deliberate mischaracterization of one side of the political spectrum?

The phrasing ‘making it seem’ is interesting, because it is indicative of the left’s self-perpetuating lie about their political opponents. The dictionary can include this vague accusation in its definitions without attributing the association to anyone in particular (although it stems from people who have a political stake in making the right look bad). Politicians and activists can then point back and say ‘See, it even says so in the dictionary’. The same setup occurs between politicians, activists and media: each time any of them claim that ‘conservatives are racist’, the others use that as proof of their own assertion that ‘conservatives are racist’.

Dictionary.com are joining the ranks of useful idiots spreading the deception.

Update: the entry has been edited after the controversy.


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