Doctors Without Borders: what is the end game?

Doctors Without Borders continues to proudly and gleefully share pictures of their ships – illegally – delivering literal boat loads of immigrants to the coasts of Europe.

Doctors Without Borders: what is your end game? What is the long term vision? What do you think (or wish) will happen to Europe? Culturally, economically, socially? What do you think will happen to Africa?

What are all these people going to do here when we are already seeing most of them don’t have jobs and a disproportionate amount are turning to crime and, yes, terrorism? Can you tell the differences between the refugees and the terrorists? Between the persecuted and their persecutors? Are you even trying? Or are you expecting someone else to take of that for you? And someone else to suffer the consequences.

Either you are willfully, maliciously destroying two continents at the same time, or you are woefully naive and really still believe you are doing good. Most of the people working and volunteering on your boats probably think they are doing the right thing, but I don’t think that’s the case for the people running your organization (and others like it). I can only conclude that you are taking part in the deliberate undermining of Western civilization, so again, my question is: why?

Do you honestly believe the West can afford the surging costs of welfare and specific migrant-only handouts? The financial burden of the increased security measures that inevitably come with being in a state of war? Not to mention the emotional toll of seeing innocent people dying in our streets and concert halls. I suppose you would have the West pick up the bill for Africa as well, in the form of increased foreign aid budgets – as the African economies are certain to collapse (to far below where it was to begin with) thanks to the continued draining of able-bodied, working-age men.

On May 18th, Doctors Without Borders tweeted that they picked up “743 humans, including 78 women and 55 kids.” In other words, 82% men. We know that about 7% of them will find a job. We know that only 2.65% of them on average are actual refugees. But we don’t know how many of them are terrorists. How many of them want to come here to contribute to our societies, and how many just want our societies to contribute to their lives. But we do know that their presence is already greatly disturbing our way of life. It has already directly and traumatically impacted the lives of thousands of Westerners.

Ignorance might excuse the volunteers, but it does not excuse the strategists at Doctors Withour Borders. It should certainly not excuse the politicians who are overseeing these operations. They have proven themselves unfit for their jobs, for they do not act in our best interest, or that of mankind. They only serve their own failed ideology.