Dutch and Belgian school girls assaulted by migrant teens during school day trip

Sixteen girls, aged 13 and 14 years old, were assaulted and groped by immigrant teens of the same age. The girls were in the Technopolis museum in Belgium on day trips with their schools. Twelve of them were from a Dutch school, and four from a Belgian school. The assailants attend that same school in Belgium. Mainstream media report that the suspects are “Belgian boys”, but one parent shared online that the suspects were, unsurprisingly, non-Western immigrants.

The suspects will be called in for questioning by the police and their parents have been notified. The mayor of the Belgian town of Mechelen is not pleased with the police, as the delay in questioning the suspects goes against the agreed-upon zero tolerance policy in relation to sexual assaults. The school has reportedly suspended the assailants.

Sources: Het Nieuwsblad and Geenstijl (both in Dutch)

It is the latest in a by now long line of mass sex attacks perpetrated by immigrants. But the borders remain open, attackers are barely punished and seldom (if ever) deported. Western girls are women are being reduced to offerings on the altar of progressive ideals, their suffering ignored by the do-gooders who do good only for those who have their fancy at the moment. And that does not include Westerners, of any kind.


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