Dutch bus drivers no longer want the refugee center route after months of harassment

Bus drivers in the Emmen area in The Netherlands are threatening to boycott the route around the refugee center in Ter Apel. After months of harassment, threats and violence from ‘refugees’, mostly from safe places like Turkey, Albania or countries in North Africa.

They have been causing trouble for a long time now. They enter the bus, refuse to pay, threaten bus drivers and passengers and delay our trips. There is a group that will not stop hitting buses, spitting and disrespecting our male and female personel. They seem to think this is all normal behavior.

News items about crimes and disturbances caused by asylum seekers in the Ter Apel refugee center date back more than two years. They include stabbings, lamentations from Ter Apel residents who are afraid to leave their house at night, vandalism, theft, burglary and substance abuse.

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