Dutch critics of EU-Ukraine treaty, dismissed as ‘fear mongers’, proven right about cheap chicken flooding the market

The European Commission is angry about the massive export of chicken meat from the Ukraine to the EU, following the association treaty the two parties signed in 2014 and enacted in 2017. There are fewer regulations and less oversight in the Ukrainian meat sector, but thanks to a loophole, Ukrainian companies pay no tariffs in order to enter the EU market. The EU poultry sector could be heavily impacted by these competitors. Interestingly, low-price, low-quality poultry, and the inhumane treatment of the chickens, were explicitly discussed as a downside to the association treaty ahead of a referendum on the matter in The Netherlands. The Dutch ended up voting No, but their vote was ignored.

The establishment was warned, but they didn’t listen. In stead, they called those warning them ‘fear mongers’. Just like the Brexiteers in the UK were – and are – being dismissed as ‘fear mongers’ by the people spreading the most fear.

Speaking of Brexit, which supposedly would cause multinational companies to flee the UK en masse: Unilever shareholders have voted against the company’s plans to move its head quarters from London to Rotterdam. This is a blow to Dutch PM Mark Rutte, whose government has recently scrapped the dividend tax in a move that would cost the state 2 billion in tax revenue, and that was highly unpopular among Dutch people, but was justified by the promise of multinational companies coming to The Netherlands, and bringing thousands of new jobs. Unilever was specifically named as a corporation that was sure to re-settle in The Netherlands. The Netherlands was already a tax haven for Big Business, while taxes for the ordinary man, woman and 61 other genders.

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