Dutch government is actively retrieving ISIS fighters to jail them for just 4 years

The Dutch government is actively assisting “Dutch” ISIS fighters in their return from the collapsing caliphate in Iraq and Syria, or from captivity in surrounding countries. Dutch authorities are issuing warrants for the arrest of ISIS-fighters who travelled to ISIS territory from The Netherlands, a move that greatly increases the chances of these fighters to be safely returned. They are facing jail sentences of around six years here (four years effectively), while in Iraq the noose would await them. Unsurprisingly, The Netherlands is suddenly not looking so bad to them anymore.

One Victor D. is one of the traitors who joined ISIS, but has been captured. The Dutch prosecutor is seeking a six-year sentence for him, which left Victor ‘pleasantly surprised’ as he would probably only spend about four years in prison. We can only guess how much raping and murdering he has gotten up to (allegedly) in exchange for it.

Two others, Reda N. and Oussama A. were escorted by Dutch military police from Turkey back to The Netherlands. Both were sentenced to six years in prison, but have appealed and were supposed to be allowed to await their appeals in freedom, until the Minister of Justice and Security intervened and ordered them to be detained upon arrival.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte has stated in the recent past that it would be better for Dutch ISIS fighters to die in Syria than to have them return. His government opposed retrieving the children of ISIS fighters, to the dismay of a government watch dog for the rights of children, who insisted that was bad for the children (and ignored the possible consequences for children already living here if we go around flying in indoctrinated and / or traumatized kids, and probably their parents as well, because it would be sad not to, right?).

It is unconscionable that we are allowing people to join and fight for the enemy and then to return without facing any serious consequences – and thus free to try again in a couple of years time. Our enemies can pick up arms, wreak havoc and then either they win and ultimately crush us. Or they lose and they simply return to our midst as if nothing ever happened. Our ruling classes are begging for the West to be overthrown. 

As Dutch pundit Bart Schut put it on Twitter: The Netherlands is becoming for ISIS fighters, what Paraguay was for members of the SS.


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