Dutch government rushes controversial climate change law to ignore elections, delayed calculations to avoid debates

In The Netherlands, the ‘Senate’ (Eerste Kamer) voted to enact a controversial ‘climate law’, which solidifies the 2015 Paris Agreement. The timing of the vote makes the process even more suspicious: it is one of the last deeds of this Senate, as it will be replaced in about two weeks following elections in May. Big winners of those elections, with the climate plans a hot campaign topic, were Forum for Democracy (Forum voor Democratie) who oppose the law, but who will now not get a vote.

The ‘climate plans’ were rushed through the Senate to avoid those pesky voters being able to stop it. Now, it turns out that prime minister Mark Rutte, deliberately delayed the publication of a calculation of the plan’s effects (which amount to total investments of up to 1 trillion euros for an unnoticable difference in global temperature (if anthropogenic climate change theories are correct) so that they would not be included in the official start of the new budget year (‘Prinsjesdag’), and so Parliament was not able to include the calculations in the debates and make them more widely known to the public.

Just your reminder that:

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