Dutch justice: stopping paedophiles from assaulting your daughter is worse than the sex attack itself

A Dutch dad has been sentenced in a court of appeals to 4.5 years in prison for attacking a 46 year-old man who was trying to seduce his 14 year-old daughter. His original sentence was 10 months in prison, but the prosecutor’s appealed, which led to this travesty. The charge was upped from assault to attempted manslaughter.

In January 2017, a 46 year-old ex-convict, posing as a 17 year-old boy, approached a 14 year-old girl and brought her flowers and chocolate. The girl’s father has stated that he feels the police did not do enough to stop the 46 year-old and protect him and his daughter. For that reason, he stepped into action himself. He followed the stalker home, waited for him to come out again, followed him and beat him over the head several times with a snow shovel.

There are many examples of sexual abuse of minors where the abusers get away with community service sentences:

  • a 71 year-old repeatedly accosted an 11 year-old over the course of six months. Sentenced to 200 hours community service and a six months suspended jail sentence.
  • a 56 year-old assaulted an underaged, mentally challenged girl twice. Sentenced to 180 hours community service and an 88 day suspended jail sentence.
  • a 68 year-old allegedly assaulted an 11 year-old. Prosecutor sought 120 hours community service and a two months suspended jail sentence.

The justice system’s message to fathers: we’d rather see paedophiles assaulting your daughters than you stopping them. The paedophiles receive a tiny fraction of the punishment you’ll receive for stepping in.

At best this is a desperate power play, designed to discourage people from taking the law into their own hands – while at the same time the weak approach to sexual predators and other criminals incentivize people to do just that.

The heroic father is appealing this new sentence.



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