Dutch kids afraid to play outside, “should get street smart and push back”

Dutch parents in a mixed-race neighborhood in Amsterdam are sounding the alarm because their children are afraid to play outside. There are groups of immigrant kids picking on (mostly the littler) Dutch ones, harassing them and beating them up. Community workers wave away the problem saying “Immigrant kids just play a bit rougher” and “[Dutch kids] have not been taught to push back, they’re not street smart.”

So the solution to the junglification of our inner cities is not to rid them of the troublemakers, but to have the decent people make trouble as well. Kind of goes against the past decades of the left pacifying and feminizing Western societies, but that’s where we are now.

The community workers ignore the well-deserved reputation immigrant children have for rounding up their entire family when some one actually does stand up them, so intentional escalation is in most cases not a sensible option for the Dutch kids, whose families are generally less terroritorial and less interested in conflict.

One local Surinam-born man points out that Surinamese kids are left alone by the Arab and North-African street thugs, because their families do show up when someone is bothering them. His advice, too, is to stand up to the aggressors. I would love to see it, but I fear the Dutch, like most Europeans have been too effectively stripped of their survival instincts and self defense capabilities.

Source: Parool (in Dutch, Amsterdam-based MSM newspaper)

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