Dutch labor union shocked by results of survey about employee safety in asylum centers

Dutch labor union FNV opened a digital hotline for employees in asylum centers after receiving complaints from members about their safety. Within two weeks, they were contacted over 60 times, about violent incidents like threats, abuse, use of weapons, drug use and unwanted sexual advances.

FNV is insisting the responsible agency take immediate action, and is suggesting that the group of asylum seekers causing trouble does not belong in the asylum centers.

It is good news that the labor union, a notoriously left-wing institution, is opening its eyes a little. But usually these observations are individual occurrences with little effect in real life.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb drew similar conclusions last week: he calls the situation at the migrant detention center at Rotterdam Airport “at times untenable”. Its employees have filed charges against illegals at the facility 18 times already this year, up from 12 in the entire second half of 2018.

Employees regularly fall victim to the use of physical violence, and last January several dozens of the migrants started rioting against the employees. Most problems are caused by Moroccans, Algerians and Albanians – none of whom have to fear war if they would return to their home countries, and who therefore should not be in The Netherlands at all.

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