Dutch police thwart terrorist attack against Geert Wilders, one man arrested

Dutch police have arrested a man they suspect wanted to kill popular right-wing politician Geert Wilders. The man posted a video on YouTube in which he, speaking in Urdu (the language spoken in Pakistan) announces that he is travelling to The Hague to kill Geert Wilders, in retaliation for Wilders’ Muhammed cartoon contest.

It is unclear how serious the suspect’s plans for attack were, but he was arrested on The Hague Central Station, just a couple of minutes away from the national parliament, where Wilders will have the cartoons on display (in closed quarters, as the contest was not allowed to take place in the publicly accessible part of the building).

The Pakistani government has been particularly dismayed with the announced cartoon contest, after protests erupted in the country’s streets. The Pakistani ambassador to The Netherlands has filed a protest against the contest and Pakistan is seeking support from other Islamic countries to seek action through the United Nations. (As one does over a couple of drawings.)