Dutch town dumps street name of ‘controversial’ naval officer, picks controversial Turkish naval officer instead

The great iconoclasm of the left continues: the city of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, has decided to remove the street name Witte de With (freely translated White the White; that’s not what it’s about, but it is funny) in an ongoing war against historical Dutch figures who can in any way be linked to the slave trade or colonialism. In the same neighborhood where Dutch history is being purged, a new street will be named after Barbarossa, a 16th century Turkish naval officer who can be linked to… the slave trade, piracy, colonialism, etc. Just not for a Western country and then it’s fine.

While Erdogan is ramping up war talk against the West, the Turkish community is emboldening itself further with huge political protests and several political parties aimed specifically at Turks, Muslims or minorities in general – this is the move Eindhoven city council comes up with. ‘Because a resident suggested the name’ and ‘it reflects the area’s demographics’.

Has there been a country or a civilization in history, ever, that so readily and enthusiastically surrendered to its opponents? The Dutch goverment’s research bureau just found that Muslims in The Netherlands are becoming increasingly religious by the way. The establishment is spinning that as the result of islam critics like Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet – it could not have anything to do with the establishment itself rolling out the red carpet for Islam and bowing to every demand the Muslim community makes of course…

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