Dutch ‘youth news’ program engages in activism in stead of journalism

The Dutch ‘Youth News’ program, part of the state-funded news network NOS (National Broadcasting Foundation), engages in activism rather than journalism when writing about the past week’s events in Chemnitz:

The full article reads:

A large protest is taking place in the German town Chemnitz. Two groups of people are protesting and things are coming to a head. The city has been the stage of unrest all week.

Last Saturday, a fight got very much out of hand. One man died after he was stabbed. The suspects are a man from Iraq and a man from Syria. When that became known, riots broke out.

Two groups

The people in one group are being called ‘extreme right’. They are against foreigners and believe that refugees cause problems in Germany. The other group believes everybody is welcome in Germany and they oppose the extreme right.

Today there are riots in the town again. There is a lot of police present to keep an eye on things.

(screenshot of the original text below)

It’s a quite convenient, but painfully transparent tactic to label a group of people ‘far right’ and from then on state that they have been ‘labeled far right’, as that is then a factual statement and most people won’t wonder whether that label is correct or not.

Simplifying the events and nuances for a younger audience is no excuse for this blatantly partisan display.



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