Environmentalism is a scam: random, hypocritical, inconsistent, unscientific

Two recent cases in (politicized) environmentalism illustrate the problems with the movement: the banning of pulse fishing in the North Sea, while also wanting to create mega wind farms across the same sea – and the phasing out of natural gas in The Netherlands, while stimulating it in neighboring countries, both for the sake of ‘the environment’.

Pulse fishing

Pulse fishing involves sending a current of electricity through sections of the sea bed, partially stunning sole and plaice and forcing some into the net. Its supporters say pulse fishing is less destructive than beam trawling, which involves dragging a heavy metal bar across the sea bed. Opponents say it is a cruel and unnecessary method of fishing and is depleting fish stocks.


Particularly Dutch fishermen have invested millions in this form of fishing. The Netherlands is appealing the ban that the European Parliament passed in February 2019 (and confirmed just last week). The ban would go into effect in July 2021, but the appeals process could take years. In the meantime, Dutch fishermen are left wondering if they stand any chance of ever earning back the investments they have made.

Angrily, their branch organization tweeted about the plan to create mega wind farms in the North Sea:

We are going to pile the North Sea into oblivion to establish 100(!) wind parks. Destroying the best spawning locations for fish. Will cut open thousands of kilometers of sea bed for power cables, and will disrupt the navigation of sea creatures. But we are banning low voltage pulse fishing, which is friendly for the sea bed and climate. Does anyone still get this?

Natural gas

The Dutch government has opened a war on natural gas as part of its ‘climate change’ targets. An operation that is projected to cost Dutch citizens (17 million in all) hundreds of billions of euros up to an estimated trillion euros.

Even climate change believers acknowledge that the global impact on temperature would be 0.00007 degrees over the next 60 years. The economic impact will be disastrous, the alternatives offered are insufficient and unaffordable to large segments of the population. All of this spells actual disaster on a scale the Church of Climate Change can only dream of.

While the Dutch are being bullied into abandoning natural gas, their neighbors in Germany are receiving up to 900 euros in government subsidies for making the change to natural gas, because natural gas is considered one of the most efficient energy sources we have.

In border areas, there are people who can stand in front of their houses and look at each other, knowing that one is about to be forced to abandon natural gas, while the other is being rewarded to use more of it. And both because of that magical black box, ‘the climate’.

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