Establishment war talk against those who dare to disagree

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the European Parliament last week in which he repeatedly denounced pretty much all opposition to the EU and the establishment globalist narrative as ‘illiberal’ and ‘authoritarian’, more specifically referencing the government in Poland and the EU’s permanent headache Victor Orbán. Daily Mail quoted Macron as saying that “‘there seems to be a sort of European civil war where selfish interests sometimes appear more important than what unites Europe.'” According to Breitbart, Macron also said that populism should be “purged” from Europe.

While the EU itself is not just undemocratic but fundamentally anti-democratic they still see it fit to attack its detractors as enemies of the people’s right to govern themselves. The EU by its very existence hollows out the value of the votes of Europeans – another layer of government, even further removed from people and even more difficult to influence. The EU respects elections only when the outcome suits them – EU-supporting European leaders ostentatiously showed their reluctance to congratulate Donald Trump for winning the presidency, but they have been downright hostile towards Hungary’s Orbán. The EU hates referendums and more so when the outcome goes against their plans.

The EU was built on the lie of ‘economic cooperation’, while political unity was always the plan. The uncontrollable, uncorrectable EU is a plaything for the elites and they refuse to let anyone get in their way. The more regular Europeans turn away from this project, the more determined the key players become to carried out their agenda even faster. The further they get, the more difficult it will prove to undo. The current shambles of the Brexit negotiations is a prime example. While it is used by EU-supporters as an argument for unity, it is the precise opposite – such an entanglement in endless legislation and regulation should awake anybody to the reality that the EU is a hopeless endeavour meant for the self-glorification of career politicians and yields no benefits for regular European citizens.

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