EU: ‘Europe could take in 3 to 4 billion ‘refugees’

From Defend Europa:

A 2010 EU commission document, titled “Study on the feasibility of establishing a mechanism for the relocation of beneficiaries of International Protection” just resurfaced on Twitter, first spotted by famous American account Battle Beagle, almost wondering if the producers of Elysium have not taken inspiration from the EU Commission’s mad plans themselves.

The 144-page report, as the title says, goes through a lot of details in how feasible is the relocation of not millions but billions of migrants. 8 years ago, even before destroying Libya and destabilizing Syria, the EU was already thinking and insisting on a common asylum policy and migrant distribution quotas as point 5 from the Summary says so.

However, the most ludicrous facts are not their long-term ‘preparations’ for the current state Europe is in, but the sheer numbers and scale that the Eurocrats are proposing for our continent. The page 112 of the report leaves any reader awed at the brutality of those numbers, that would make the vast majority of the native population of those countries, minorities in their homelands. According to the commission, Europe has enough space and resources to relocate 3 to 4 billion(!) ‘refugees’, with ludicrous numbers such as 184 million migrants to the UK, 332 million to Finland, 440 million to Sweden, 460 million to Spain and get this, 486 million migrants to France! Half a billion people to France, as if the French didn’t have enough problems with migration and replacement policies already. Keep in mind as well, that nearly 4 billion (3.8) people are the equivalent to the population of Asia or little more than 3 Africas put together. If these fluxes were to happen it would turn the face of Europe and it’s nations completely unrecognizable.

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