EU head quarters in a cloud of tear gas as building is stormed by anti-immigration protesters

Independent Dutch reporter Arnold Karskens attended the March Against Marrakesh in Brussels (Belgium) last Sunday where he witnessed the anger of the people and the violent panic of the establishment desperately trying to push the genie back into the bottle.

Thousands who oppose the UN migration pact gathered in Brussels, near the head office of the European Commission. There were chants against the pact and speeches that pointed at the dangers of migration. (…)

Combine the discontent about Marrakesh with what is happening around the Yellow Vests movement, where the working class and lower middle class protest the increasing costs and decreasing security for their children, and you are left with an explosive cocktail. It was palpable. After the end, as the organizers explicitly called on the attendees to return home peacefully, several hundreds decided to storm the European Commission office, the Berlaymont building. Windows were shattered, fences thrown, rocks hurled at police. Events we are now seeing on a weekly basis in Europe.

(…) I have seen many wars by now, and I am not shocked when things get a little messy (even though I don’t like it when it does). Still, this Sunday as I saw the Berlaymont building, the seat of European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and symbol of the European Union , disappearing in a cloud of tear gas, I got a feeling: this is serious.

It takes enormous amounts of gas to protect the European Union against the discontent of the people. And no, this is not Putin’s Russia, this is not Trump’s USA.

This is Europe today.

(Later updates actually indicated that around 200 soccer hooligans showed up after, or towards the end, of the official protest, ostensibly out for a violent confrontation. It seems that (the brunt of) the violence was not caused by attendees of the protest)

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