EU: Juncker says there are ‘limits to the freedom of the press’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said in an interview that he believes there should be ‘limits to the freedom of the press’. This is coming after criticisms particularly from British newspapers, as well as accusations of alcohol abuse.

Less than two weeks ago, European Commissioner for Justice, Věra Jourová, warned against ‘nationalism’ and the ‘divisiveness’ of the press, referencing the Brexit debate in particular – because it’s always the debates one loses that one feels have been ‘divisive’, isn’t it?

Supported by Guy Verhofstadt, Jourová called on politicians and press to ‘take responsibility’ and ‘show restraint’, as they should realize their words may function as ‘justification for some people to act on the basis of their desires and fears’.

Jourová is somewhat cryptic. Juncker is getting a little more honest. All in all, this has all the hallmarks that the EU is preparing to muzzle the press – or, more accurately: the anti-establishment press. And let’s remember, these are not the first steps in the direction of the dictatorship the EU was always meant to be:

Netherlands overruled by EU: freedom of speech still goes in the bin


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