EU plan to save Merkel’s hide – not a single African country willing to take migrants

The EU has finally come up with a plan to separate economic migrants from actual refugees before they get to Europe. Making this distinction is good, because almost all economic migrants see their applications for citizenship or asylum rejected, but more than half of them ‘disappear’ within our borders. In actuality this far overdue quasi-action seems to be aimed at saving Angela Merkel’s political skin, after she had been given an ultimatum to come up with an immigration ‘fix’ and a poll has shown that almost half of all Germans want Merkel to resign over her immigration fiasco.

The plan is to establish safe havens outside of the EU, in countries like Tunisia, where the economic migrants and actual refugees could be separated under the leadership of the UN. People who are “entitled to protection” would be relocated to the EU (reports on the plan do not make it clear why safe countries in Africa would not suffice and it would have to be Europe), while economic migrants would be facilitated in their return (no details given there either: I expect economic migrants will be given money in exchange for their return, which would again only attract more migrants to cash in and return).

The EU wants to play a key role in the scheme, expanding EU border patrol and coast guard and establishing an Authority for Asylum. The EU also wants to take away the causes of migration and notices it has a 1.2bn euro shortage in its Africa Fund. Becauses sending 1 billion more than the billions we are already collectively sending to Africa is going to solve everyone’s problems.

Of all the things wrong with this plan, the funniest most striking point is: not a single African country is showing any interest or willingness to receive the migrants. So the ‘white savior complex’-ridden lefties in the EU establishment are taking it upon themselves to fix all the world’s problems (and having us, the citizens, pay for it of course), because everything can fall apart but their ideology.


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