Europe, 1984. I mean, 2018: political prisoners in the UK

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From Defend Evropa’s statement:

Yesterday, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were detained by the UK Government and effectively declared political dissidents. The government has decided that Martin’s talk about free speech is too dangerous to be heard.


We all know what the authorities mean when they use the term “local communities”, we are talking about Antifa with their street terrorist tactics and the local Muslim communities. This is not the first time the authorities in the West utilize Antifa as a weapon to shut down free speech and right-wing events and opinions.

This is the UK in 2018. Political prisoners. The establishment’s oppression of free speech, or effectively only right-wing speech, is astounding. They are open and blunt about it. It’s not a secret anymore. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

Sellner is Austrian and should be able to freely cross the border into the UK. Pettibone is a US citizen and was traveling on a valid visa. All reports so far indicate there are no charges and no no grounds for them to be kept in a prison, or anywhere for that matter. But freedom, democracy and civil rights are meaningless in the west now.

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