Europe is turning into a migrants’ free-for-all

There has been a brave minority warning the West for decades that mass immigration from the Third World is an unstainable process, socially, culturally and economically as well. They have been continually silenced, ridiculed and demonized by the establishment – and they have been continually proven right by reality. When the current wave of non-Western immigrants emerged in full force a couple of years ago, the critics have grown in number, but the response remains the same.

The already frail social fabric in Europe and the US is unraveling faster than ever, and our economies sputter from crisis to crisis, and yet the establishment cannot resist the call of bringing more-more-more immigrants into our midst. We know what this is doing to our culture, we know what it is doing to our safety. And we know what it is doing to our economy. The graph below shows the increase and decrease in the number of people on welfare in The Netherlands.

The green represents native Dutch people, the dark blue immigrants from Western coutries and the light blue are non-Western immigrants. Over the last six months the number of Dutch people and the number of Western immigrants on welfare has gone down, but the total number of people on welfare has gone up, which is fully caused by non-Western immigrants.

This fits in with earlier reports that only 7% of recent German immigrants are finding jobs, and those are even mostly jobs made up by the government rather than ones that actually add anything to the economy.

Western civilization is in a self-destructive, suicidal spiral. How can the establishment and their voters continue to declare that they are “on the right side of history” while the evidence to the contrary keeps piling up?