Europe surrenders: Amsterdam allows islamic school with ties to ISIS supporters

Two minutes to midnight was ages ago. Europe’s surrender is progressing at full speed. The “Islamic Education Foundation” (Stichting Islamitisch Onderwijs / SIO) is allowed to start a high school in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in spite of objections from Secretary of State Sander Dekker. The foundation and the school are controversial because of their radical roots. Former board member Abdou Khoulani is an open supporter of ISIS. He has left the board, but the remaining members have not disavowed him or his beliefs.

Although the government expects this school will turn its students (who will be aged around 12-16) away from society, radicalize them and drag them deeper into the islamic community, the government’s highest advisory committee has ruled that the school cannot be prohibited on this basis.

A smaller controversy revolved around the founders of the school trying to attract students by promising them gifts like laptops and bikes, which begs the question where all their money is from – possibly certain wealthy foreign governments who are notorious for spending billions on spreading radical Islam around the globe?

The board of education can intervene only after the school has opened its doors. But they likely won’t until after about 100 warnings. So until then, Amsterdam’s Muslim children can attend a school founded by an ISIS supporter and his associates. The city of Amsterdam is providing a building for this, and the Dutch tax payers are providing subsidies.

Has any other civilization in history been conquered this easily?


Source: The Post Online

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