Facebook: censoring the right’s call to defense against leftist violence

Another chapter in the long book of the social media giants and their overt political bias: a post on right-wing Facebook page The Red Elephants was removed for a supposed “attack on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or disability.” The post read:


Join us in the fight to stop ANTIFA and stand up for conservatives everywhere

There is no call to violence in here. There is no attack on anything resembling the formal reasons given for this blatant censorship. As is tradition with the left, they have a lot of rules for a lot of things which are offensive and therefore forbidden. But, just like in Islam, the rules no longer apply when the subject is an “infidel”. The rules for targeted abuse, threats, racism and sexism are very flexible when there are leftists hurling the abuse at right-wingers. The other way around the rules don’t seem to matter at all anymore, because any excuse is taken to silence the message they don’t want on their platforms. Thus, criticism of political extremism can suddenly be considered an “attack” on someone based on race, religion or sexuality.

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