Faces of the establishment

This guy runs the EU:

Together with this guy by the way (on the left, to be sure):

And this guy wanted to singlehandedly decide who would get to run the US.


These are the faces of the establishment. And they are not the faces of people who are looking out for your best interest. It is easy to think that these are deliberately picked moments to make people look bad – and surely they are not meant to make these people look good. But it is important to understand what this reveals. The disconnect, the entitlement, the arrogance, the aggression. It is important to understand the role of the media as well. While Juncker’s (alleged) drunken stumbling at the NATO summit is covered in the mainstream media, it is mostly to defend the EC President with the ‘bad back’ narrative. At the same time, every clumsy or unelegant move Trump makes is food for endless ridicule and speculation about health issues, whether it is the way he holds his water bottle or even if the media have to invent something altogether like they did with the feeding of the koi together with Japan’s PM Abe.

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