Fairytales for adults

Although he’s just two days old, we can already say that it’s highly likely that England’s young prince will one day be wealthier, more powerful and more influential than at least 99% of the rest of the population. His parents may intend to raise him as “normally” as possible, but there is no doubt he will live in bigger houses, with staff looking after him, get top-notch education and plentiful job opportunities before he will ultimately be crowned king. And the best part is: it’s all bought and paid-for by the British people.

The British people, in case you were wondering, are those jolly folks who are in great numbers celebrating the birth of their future king. In the mean time, they themselves struggle to pay for the mortgage of a single home and their living standards are plummeting. Still, millions upon millions of tax payer money are happily thrown at the billionaires in Buckingham Palace.

willem alexander coronationClearly, the very concept of monarchy goes against all ideals of equal opportunity and democracy. For the state to perpetuate the glorification and enrichment of a single family at the cost of all others is archaic, absurd and beyond comprehension. The concept of royalty is a fairytale for adults, and there is no sensible foundation whatsoever for its continuation. Monarchy is as irrational as religion, and governments should not occupy themselves with either of them. Let people have their fairytales, but don’t force them on everybody.

town crierThe traditions and rituals associated with royalty are remnants of times where there was a general acceptance of god choosing a single nobleman to rule a stretch of land. Where villagers and peasants where not organized or educated enough to realize that they were being extorted by their rulers. It is upon their hard work and taxes that Europe’s royal fortunes are built, and it is upon our hard work and taxes that they continue to grow.

But the monetary aspect is of secondary importance next to the amount of influence and actual executive power that are handed to monarchs. Even if their role is only “symbolic”, royals are still a very active part of the political world through their involvement in committees and non-profits. They play a part in the formation of government and are expected to comment on the state of the nation several times a year.
To say they have no actual power or influence is a travesty. To say they do not get special treatment is a blatant lie. There should be no place for these outdated phenomena in a civilized society, and royals should be treated no differently than anyone else. Judge them by their actions, not their descent. As such, there should be nothing newsworthy about Kate Middleton giving birth to a baby. Or, as the UK’s Huffington Post humorously put it:

woman gives birth to baby

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