Fake news: German ARD manipulates protest footage to implicate AfD and Pegida in nazi chants

During one of its (fake) news broadcasts in the program Tagesthemen, German TV network ARD offers one of the most egregious examples of MSM manipulation we have seen to date. As exposed by the right-wing party AfD on Twitter (see below), Tagesthemen took footage from the large anti-immigration protests in Chemnitz and added (yes: added) “Adolf Hitler” chants which were taken from an earlier, unrelated protest by (inebriated) soccer hooligans, clearly suggesting that they were part of the protest march organized by Pegida and AfD. There is no excuse for this, there is no way something like this happens as an accident. This is the deliberate, malevolent misleading of the public for political purposes.

After they were discovered and called out, ARD apologized for their manipulation, but without stating what the manipulation actually entailed.



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