Fake news photo chosen as World Press Photo 2019

Lying MSM chooses the widely abused and lied about photo of a migrant girl on the US border as the World Press Photo 2019. The photo became symbolic of the practise of separating families that illegally immigrate into the US, but it turned out that the girl in the picture was never separated from her family.

Earlier this month we saw the left en masse rehashing their outrage over President Trump’s comparing MS13 gang members to animals last year, suggesting once again that he was talking about all (illegal) immigrants – even though that was debunked in 2018. The left doesn’t just lie, it is now also to lazy to make up new lies, instead recycling old lies that have already failed.

This is revealing enough in itself: in partisan politics, the lie does not matter – reinforcing a narrative in the heads of the public does.

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