‘Female suffrage would not lead to ‘government by emotion’, they said’

There is a peculiarly misogynistic sentiment behind this elevation of women’s trauma, their ‘rivers of blood’, over rational political discussion. It usurps the arguments made by Suffragettes, who insisted women were more than their ‘viscera’, that they were capable of reason as well as emotion. In response to articles in journals like The Anti-Suffrage Review, which in 1910 argued that ‘woman is emotional’ and therefore she has difficulty ‘forming abstract ideas’, the Suffragettes insisted that women had the capacity for cool, reasoned thought.

Female suffrage would not lead to ‘government by emotion’, they said – ‘government by emotion’ being the cynical, sexist phrase used by The Anti-Suffrage Review to describe politics if women had a say. Now, a hundred years later, a so-called feminist, in the New York Times no less, calls, in essence, for government by emotion, casually trying to undo the work of those who fought hard to establish women’s capacity for political reason.

~ Brendan O’Neill, The New York Times is now publishing racist articles (Spiked)

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