Flemish media bias against Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) during elections

‘Suits are extremist’

After the nationalist Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) made big gains in the European Parliament elections on May 26, the mainstream media immediately returned to its old form, with numerous references to and comparisons with nazism. Newspaper HLN ran an article about ‘right wing extremists’ and their ‘uniforms’, dress suits. ‘A scheme’, to appear more acceptable, according to a political scientist quoted in the article. From manspreading to dress suits – hard hitting stuff.

Rather idiotically, the trap they have set up is explained in the article itself: ‘when one has a ‘filthy’ message, it is smart to dress properly. A filthy person with a filthy message is easy to dismiss. That is more complex with a seemingly erudite person who has less erudite things to say’. If right-wingers dress nicely, they are attacked for ‘not dressing like they talk’. If they do not dress nicely, they are attacked for ‘dressing like they talk’. A classic lose-lose. Another big giveaway of course, is that you will have never read a MSM article casting suspicion over Barack Obama for his suits (or attacking his wife for her choice of footwear for that matter).

‘Black Sunday’

Before the elections, the expected gains for Flemish interest were announced in mainstream newspaper Het Nieuwsblad as a possible ‘Black Sunday’. The paper published an article featuring an interview with a University rector, asking “Should we be concerned that Flemish Interest is increasingly winning the hearts of young people?” and used his answer in the headline: “Of course we should be concerned. We cannot take our democracy and rights and freedoms for granted.”

There is no argumentation for the threat Flemish Interest or any other right-wing party would allegedly pose to democracy or liberty, because that is not necessary in propaganda.

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