‘For many people, the only thing they have is the vote. Don’t undermine that’

The reason people value democracy so much is that it’s not just about asking the public to give an opinion. When you vote you expect it to have force. When you vote for a government, you expect them to take power. When you make a choice in a historic referendum with a historic turnout and a decisive result, you expect that to be implemented before that question is put to the public again. I think it’s incredibly disingenuous to say that re-running votes over and over again until you get the answer that you want, is more democracy. If you’re worried about people being disillusioned, then asking them to vote again will make them even more disillusioned.

A lot of people in this country don’t have money, they don’t have influence, the ear of people in power. The one thing they have is the vote. And the moment you undermine that by re-running this referendum you’ll leave a lot of people with not many more options.

Tom Slater

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