Foreign meddling in elections is only a problem when the globalist elite isn’t doing it

Ever since the globalist elite lost some key votes (Brexit, the US Presidency), they have been scrambling to pass measures meant to protect what is left of their power. Among these things, Big Tech has been pressured to prevent foreign interventions in election processes, for instance through targeted advertising or spreading ‘fake news’ (which is everything from disinformation to actual news that happens to run against the elite’s interests). Ahead of the European Parliament vote on May 23, pro-EU eurocrats are starting to feel the hindrance of these measures and now they suddenly form a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Under pressure from various governments, Facebook now has a rule that political advertising is allowed only in the country where an organization or individual is located. This means that many EU organizations would have to open offices in all EU memberstates in order to reach all EU citizens. Naturally, this was not how the globalists had envisioned their plan – it was only supposed to harm those nasty conservatives and right-wingers.

One of the most prominent (and dangerous) eurocrats, Guy Verhofstadt, went as far as to say that Facebook’s new rule is a threat to ‘pan-European democracy’ – which is false in the literal sense that the EU is not ‘pan-European’ as it does not cover all European nations, and idiotic in the sense that ads of foreign origin were deemed an immense threat to democracy back in 2016, but that has magically turned around 180 degrees now. (And that sounds quite xenophobic when you think about it, but it’s OK when they do it.)

Update May 9th 2019:

Facebook is making exceptions for a long list of EU organizations, which basically means that international advertising is allowed as long as it is pro-EU.

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