Four reasons why the left hates the NPC meme

Twitter has mass-banned “NPC” accounts, which effectively but ultimately mocked left-wingers as ‘non-playable characters”. Playing on the left’s predictable non-stop outrage and pre-packaged soundbite slogans. Calling them NPC’s goes against Twitter’s relatively new term of service that prohibits “dehumanization”. Ironically, the people that have been calling right-wingers Russian bots for months are now feeling “dehumanized” and interesting-timing-but-totally-a-coincidence Twitter didn’t mind all that dehumanizing back then, but suddenly does now.

In the process, Twitter has banned several high-profile right-wing accounts of people who changed their screen names as an innocent joke, but who have now lost their primary Twitter accounts with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers.

A lot has already been said about why the NPC meme is so effective, but if only to have a reason to spread the meme further, here are four reasons why the left hate the NPC meme so much:

It trivializes their suffering

Many leftists seriously and genuinely fear that the world will end. With some luck, the world as they know it will indeed end – but we are dealing with people who have convinced themselves (and one another) that Trump will actually become a dictator and plunge the US into endless wars. It doesn’t matter that Trump has so far ended one war and started zero. It doesn’t matter that Trump has cut more regulations than he has implemented. This is their reality and they view their reality as an objective and universal truth. They have a religious dedication to their ideology and they have about as much of a sense of humor about it the average Muslim does about theirs.

It confronts them with their hive-mind

Left-wingers have always believed that they are all unique, special individuals. Creative minds, free spirits. On some level, they must be aware that their ideas are in perfect sync with mainstream opinions in media, entertainment and politics. Conservatism is the new counter-culture, as (I believe) Paul Joseph Watson has coined. The rebels and punk-rockers that once were are now sticking up for the establishment, even for faceless elitist institutions like the EU and siding with multinational corporations for a more heavily regulated international market. The NPC meme flawlessly exposes their narrow-mindedness.

They recognize themselves

By falling in line with the ubiquitous mainstream ideology they have gotten used to seeing their world view constantly affirmed. Most will have started to swallow the narrative in elementary school. It has not been challenged since; not in high school or college, not on TV, not in political campaigns (pre-2016 anyway), not in music or anywhere else. While the right has taken over much of the internet, the establishment is trying to re-take control online as well (the NPC culling is just the most recent example). They were offered safe spaces and trigger warning for when they’re confronted with dissenting opinions. This groupthink offered them safety, security and self-affirmation. Now, they are being confronted with the suggestion that perhaps they agree with all the opinions they have been spoonfed since they became (marginally) self-aware not because they happen to feel the exact same way as the people who decide the narrative, but because they haven’t been thinking critically about what was being said.

It exposes their weakness

Even the response to the NPC meme in itself is a confirmation that left-wingers are a protected class. Nobody cared when right-wingers were “dehumanized”, but when it happens to the left, the powers-that-be spring into action to try and put a stop to it. It will be utterly counterproductive of course and blow up in their faces, but it emphasizes the inability of the left for self-reflection. It exposes their weakness, shows them as helpless little children who need to be shielded from the reality of the outside world.

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