France: man (22) acquitted after raping 11 y/o, unclear if she said “No”

A French court has found a man not guilty of rape, even though he got an 11 year-old girl pregnant when he was 22. The ruling state it is unclear whether the girl was “forced”, so apparently that makes it OK to the French justice system. The victim’s shocked attorney decried ‘I guess this is normal now’.

Victim Justine was just 11 when she was approached in a park by a 22 year-old man from Cape Verde. According to source articles, the man undressed her, asked her to lie down on the ground and then had sex with her. The girl got pregant and later gave birth to a baby boy.

Nevertheless, this child-raping migrant will not be punished in any way, as the presiding judge has ruled that none of the criteria that would make this (legally) a rape were met (threats, duress, force, violence, or overbearing). The ruling completely omits the victim’s age, as if there is any way in which this little girl could have willfully and responsibly consented to having sex with a much older stranger in a park.

According to her attorney, the victim is (understandably) traumatized, adding: “this ruling shows that a sexual relationship between a 22 year-old and an 11 year-old is seen as perfectly normal nowadays.”

But, as has become the norm in Western societies since the regressive left has taken over, justice is blind mostly for the suffering of victims. This focus on the sensibilities and vulnerabilities of criminals and predators is continuing to set dangerous people free and leaving their victims in the cold.

Source (in Dutch)

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