France: Muslim journalist tweets what looks like a hit list of Jews, denies it was a hit list

The Times Of Israel reports:

Sihame Assbague posts 8 names along with GIF from ‘Game of Thrones’ where character lists people she wants to kill; but she claims it was a joking reference to their ‘Islamophobia’

Twitter will probably not remove this, but I will screen cap it anyway:

Assbague told the Times of Israel on Thursday that her post “was absolutely not a ‘hit list,’” and was a joking reference to a meme used by many online to denote “people or things that have upset them.” She said the names on her list were those of people or bodies who “distinguished themselves by their Islamophobia.”

Sihame Assbague is a journalist, according to her Twitter bio. The Times Of Israel explains she writes for Al Kanz, “one of France’s best-read Muslim news websites.” The Al Kanz account chimed in by adding more names to the list:

Good thing Muslims are known for their sense of humor and nuance, so there would be zero chance of public outrage if a list like this were tweeted out about Muslims, right?

A similarly ‘tasteful’ joke was made by a Dutch Muslim (and former member of Parliament for the Green Left party), Tofik Dibi, who tweeted “This is me during Ramadan when you are having drinks on a terrace” accompanied by a photo of a sniper.

Honestly, I understand that it’s hyperbole. I understand that it’s a joke and not a serious threat. But when you are part of a culture which is at war with the dominant culture of the country you live in, when people are actually being killed by Muslims for not being Muslims – maybe this is in poor taste. You cannot blame people in the West for getting angry. You cannot blame us for fearing that, even if you don’t mean it, one of your brothers or sisters might pick up the same sentiment and act on it. It’s pretty much happening all the time, after all.

Even if people like Tofik Dibi and Sihame Assbague are sincerely trying to carve out a place for Islam in to peacefully co-exist in the West along with the West’s own, dominant identity (I may not believe that is possible, but they could believe that it is), they should realize and accept that this is not the way to do it. We know not all Muslims are terrorists, but we cannot tell by looking at you which ones are and which ones aren’t. Many of us also happen to know that staggering numbers of Muslims who are not terrorists themselves do support the use of violence and murder to spread Islam.

Messages like these confirm that you, mainstream Muslims, fairly successful Muslims, still intentionally place yourself outside of our society. You have no interest in becoming part of the West. You do not share in our pain, inflicted by followers of your faith. You are not trying to bridge the gap, you are not extending a hand. You are rubbing salt in the wounds.

You are letting us know that there is indeed no place for Islam in the West.

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