France vows to protect its ISIS fighters from getting the death penalty abroad

According to Westmonster, based on an article in Le Monde, the French government has stated it will intervene to prevent French ISIS fighters getting the death penalty in Iraq or Syria. This is in stark contrast to, and makes a lot more sense than, previous reports indicating that France would send special forces into Syria and Iraq to prevent its jihadists from coming back “home”.

Shortly after the presidential election, Macron has made several statements (like the one above) clearly courting the right wing voters, who had come closer than ever to getting Front National’s Marie Le Pen voted into the presidency. I should hope no one still falls for the establishment’s tricks of copying right-wing talking points and quickly forsaking them again when the time comes to make policy (Merkel for instance did the same, backtracking on her “wir schaffen das” rhetoric and talking about limiting immigration, without actually doing anything about it after the election).

A German citizen was recently sentenced to death by hanging for being a member of ISIS. Which seems like a better solution than getting them back here and continuing to give them welfare.

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