French activists sentenced to jail for stopping illegals at the border

Three French identitarian activists have been sentenced to six months in jail for blocking illegal immigrants at the French border. Génération Identitaire will have to pay a 75,000 euro fine. The three will likely not actually go to jail, as sentences below 2 years are usually commuted to other kinds of punishment, like community service.

In April 2018, Génération Identitaire went to the French-Italian borders to stop illegal immigrants from crossing. They claimed at the time to have stopped four illegals and handed them over to police.

Stopping illegal immigration is punished as a crime in Europe. Aiding illegal immigration is applauded and, in some cases, even subsidized by governments. The city of Amsterdam for instance, is paying millions to turn a former firestation into a ‘hotel’ for illegal immigrants.

Have no doubt which side the establishment is on.

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