French police is collapsing under mass-migration, French ambassador is fired for not supporting mass-migration enough

One week, French President Macron fires his country’s ambassador in Hungary for praising Viktor Orbán’s anti-immigration stance – the next week, a shock report on the poor state of France’s police forces hits: “on the verge of implosion due to terrorism, the wave of migration and exacerbated violence.”

Former ambassador Éric Fournier was set to leave his post mid-July anyway, but has been sent off early after sharing his views on Hungary’s popular right-wing PM in an internal memo.

While the anti-immigration right is being vindicated by the mainstream finally announcing measures against the endless stream of boats full of illegal immigrants. While the most welcoming countries like Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden are the ones suffering most from increased crime rates, a crippling burden on the welfare state and increasing cultural tensions. While Viktor Orbán’s Hungary is being spared deadly terror attacks and the ‘stealth jihad’ of gradual islamization…

Still the mainstream will not show any sign of admittance that it was wrong. That the mistakes they have made were avoidable. That they have been warned, but viciously attacked those sounding the alarms. The mainstream will never give credit where it is due, and instead will continue the attacks against their right-wing challengers, while silently adopting their policies. Watered-down versions that do no go far enough by a long shot, but still: they went from ‘everybody is welcome, wir schaffen das‘ to ‘maybe stop it with all the boats and keep the 93% of refugees who are actually economic migrants in Africa’.

The game Macron is playing here, is the game you can expect the mainstream to keep playing. The house is burning down, but they will continue to blame the people who warned them to put the matches away.

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