From Breitbart: ‘Murphy Brown’ Features Trump Supporters Beating Reporters

The CBS reboot of Murphy Brown featured a storyline where one of the show’s reporters is beaten and put in the hospital after attending a Donald Trump rally. In the episode, character Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto) is sent to a Trump rally to report live on the event. During the event the faux Trump singles out “fibbing Frank Fontana” and the crowd boos him, Entertainment Weekly reports. After the live shot, Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) and her crew find out that Frank was attacked and seriously injured at the rally by Trump fans.

(From Breitbart 30 November 2018)


The left, having control of all major societal institutions, are masters at portraying reality as they would like to see it rather than how it actually is. What they pass on to us is a delusional take on the world that supports the left-wing narrative, but it has little to do with the real world. Another case in point:

Orange is the new Propaganda Machine

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