Gateway Pundit: Actor Jeff Daniels Compares Trump Supporters To Ku Klux Klan Members

Gateway Pundit picked up a Deadline interview with Jeff Daniels, who said:

“He cites a moment in the play when the KKK is coming for Finch and his daughter Scout recognizes one as their neighbor and compares it to when Daniels asked his fellow Michiganders about the 2016 election results and they said, “Yeah, isn’t it great?” Deadline reported.

“He then notes how Finch’s defending his neighbors by saying, “I know these people, they’re good people,” but “he’s an apologist, he’s an enabler,” Daniels said. “And I think there are people in the Midwest, between the coasts, who don’t know anything about this, who don’t care about this, who don’t have any time for this, who have to make a decision now. You have to decide whether, like Atticus, you believe that there is still compassion, decency, civility, respect for others — ‘do unto others,’ remember that? — all that stuff you guys believe in, and you still voted not for Hillary or for Trump. Where are you now?”


Then Daniels went all-in, saying if Trump is re-elected, it will be “the end of democracy.”

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