Geert Wilders cancels Muhammed cartoon contest to avoid risking lives of innocent people

Geert Wilders has canceled his planned Muhammed cartoon contest after escalating threats of death and terrorism. Wilders has been living in safe houses with 24/7 personal protection for years, but after rising concerns about possible terror attacks aimed against the Dutch people, he has issued the following statement

The threats surrounding the cartoon contest are out of control. A prize has been put on my head, the National Counter-terrorism Coordinator has advised my that a senior member of the Pakistani clergy has issued a fatwa against me, and someone was arrested recently after claiming he wanted to kill me. This is just a selection out of all the threats. I have already lost my freedom and I will probably never get it back. That is inexcusable, but I will never stop my mission and fight against islam for any of it, and I will not bow to threats of any kind.

But this is not just about me. By now, others are in danger as well because of the many threats coming from Muslim extremists who love death and terror more than life, and who are not only making me a target, but all of The Netherlands.

If innocent people are killed, they and nobody else are responsible for that. But I don’t want these Muslims to use the cartoon contest as an excuse for islamic violence. Innocent people should never be victimized by islamic terrorism. My point about the violent and intolerant nature of islam has been proven once again.

In order to avoid the risk of people being victimized by islamic violence, I have decided to cancel the cartoon contest. The safety of people prevails over everything. I will continue my fight against islam however, with even more passion and conviction, each and every day. And not a single threat will stop me.

Geert Wilders

While the decision is understandable, it is frustrating that even the leading critics of and activists against islam are ultimately forced to give in to the innate violence of Muslim extremists. The freedom to criticize religion, practiced with fervor and enthusiasm by the left for decades (and still today) as long as it was aimed at Christianity, has gone the way of freedom of speech. It is lost for now, let us hope not forever.



‘With each attack we give ground. It’s the only thing we know to do these days’

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