Georgetown professor wants to kill and castrate white senators

From The Gateway Pundit:

Dr. Carol Christine Fair, an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown said white GOP Senators deserve to die miserable deaths “while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”

This isn’t the first time Dr. Fair has used her Twitter account to post vile, profanity-laced tirades towards people with whom she disagrees with. Shortly after the 2016 election, Dr. Fair attacked one of her friends, a Muslim woman who admitted to voting for Donald Trump. Dr. Christine Fair went into an unbelievable foul-mouthed meltdown that lasted 31 days after a Muslim ex-colleague said she voted for Donald Trump, reported the Daily Mail.

And she still has a job…

Last weekend’s tweet has been reported to Twitter, but Twitter did not take steps to have the tweet removed or Christine Fair’s account suspended.

Christina Laila concludes her article on TGP:

To put this into context, James Woods was locked out of his Twitter account for posting a funny meme.


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