German public news network has been using a ‘framing manual’ to manipulate public opinion

In 2017, a study showed that German mainstream media were acting as “cheerleaders” for their government in stead of watch dogs. Now, another blow to the last shreds of their credibility: public broadcasting channel ARD turns out to have used a ‘framing manual’ that dismisses criticism of the mainstream media as ‘a danger to democracy’ and urges journalists not to stick to ‘factual arguments’, but to always offer a ‘moral frame’ so that the facts will be interpreted according to the journalist’s insights and not the ‘opponent’s’.

It is bizarre enough that a public media corporation views the world in terms of ‘us versus them’, it is even more bizarre that the ‘us versus them’ is defined along clear political lines.

German mainstream media, like mainstream media across the West, is an elitist network meant to protect the closely adjacent elitist political network. The citizens who refuse to accept their narrative are a problem – the objective is to manipulate their opinions until they fall in line. There is not an ounce of consideration that Germans who are not establishment-friendly deserve representation on a publicly funded (with mandatory fees) network.

ARD has invested 120,000 euros in workshops for its employees based on the ‘framing manual’.

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