German research proves: media are cheerleaders for Merkel on migration issues

German research has proven the obvious: German mainstream media have abandoned their duties as the watchdogs of government, and instead have been acting as cheerleaders for Angela Merkel since the start of the migration crisis and Merkel’s infamous “Wir Schaffen Das”-speech.

The Otto Brenner Stiftung (a German center-right foundation) commissioned the study, and the results were absolutely shocking (except to anybody with at least an ounce of critical thinking). German mainstream media were found to be utterly uncritical towards Merkel’s open door policy, and ignoring or combatting the concerns of people with opposing views.

Die Zeit (which was not researched) published a special about the study, asking the researchers if they feel that German journalists have been involved in “Dampfwalzenjournalismus” (“Steam roller journalism”), crushing everything in their path and in the end, themselves. One of the researchers answered that “the force of opinion was used to compensate for the weakness of the facts.”

One of the most telling aspects of the media’s complete forsaking of their duty towards society is that they have “adopted the slogans of the political elite and their eufemistic-persuasive vocabulary”. Without any critical connotation worth mentioning, the media were spreading Merkel’s gospel of the “Willkommenskultur” (“welcome-culture”):

Anyone who confronted the government with any scepticism was ostracized by other journalists and painted as a xenophobe.

The study concludes that the mainstream media took it upon themselves to educate the people, to make better people of those who criticized Merkel’s open borders. Die Zeit notes that “The fear to be considered morally bad in this opinionated climate caused a spiral of silence.” Critics of the migration policy had to find other outlets to vent their growing frustration and lost all faith in the traditional media.

The research team, led by Michael Haller, professor of Journalism and former reporter for Die Zeit, studied 30,000 articles from three of the largest daily newspapers in Germany. The conclusions show, according to Haller, “a systematic crisis of the mainstream media”. Logically, this has quickly eroded faith in the media and deepened the ideological divide in German society.

Should you still come across people who deny the left-wing, pro-establishment bias of the media, show them this article. Although these conclusions come as no surprise to anyone critical of the establishment’s ideology, they are easy to ignore for those who go along with the establishment. The media elite and the political elite have become so close to each other that they now practically operate in unison. They share a vision of the world and they will shamelessly cooperate to force it on us all. Whereas the media are supposed to keep checks on the powers that be, to safeguard society against abuses of power and to be neutral and factual, German mainstream media, but mainstream media across the rest of the West as well, have done the opposite. Chasing their own ideology into the spotlight, the traditional media have become propaganda outlets for governments to defend one of the most destructive policies in the history of Western civilization.